senior couple with their caregiver talking

At Alomcare, we understand that a lot of individuals who are recuperating from a disease or have been diagnosed with a disease need assistance 24/7. This is why at Alomcare we have live-in care and companionship services available for them. With this, they will have the support that they need from well-experienced professionals who are well-trained in providing individuals with different needs the home support and entertainment that they deserve. As care providers, we understand the importance of collaborating with family caregivers and offering the clients with the assistance that they need. Thus, we also provide our clients’ loved ones with tips on how to properly care for their loved ones.

Live-in Care as a Safe Alternative Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

Live-in care ensures that your loved ones are assisted in performing precautionary measures in the onset of the spread of the virus. Here are some of its other benefits:

  • Quality services from professionals
  • Cost-effective
  • Promotes your loved ones’ overall wellness

Live-in care professionals are well-trained in providing their clients with the right types and levels of assistance. Their services are a safer alternative to a care home since during the present COVID-19 health crisis, cross-transmission in nursing and care homes have become a great concern. When you avail of our live-in care service, your loved one will be provided with a single or rotating live-in care worker which lessens these risks and promotes the overall wellness and safety for your loved ones.

Benefits of Home Care

Home care allows an individual to receive quality care and at the same time, live and bond with their family members. Families, being the primary providers of emotional support for most individuals, can bring them comfort and happiness. With us, the care we provide is not only about the physical needs of our clients. But we also take into consideration their emotional and mental well-being. And being with their loved ones is a great factor in promoting that. Among other benefits of receiving care at home are the following:

  • One-on-one services from a compassionate caregiver
  • The caregiver can cook meals based on your loved ones’ needs and preferences
  • Your loved ones can still enjoy their regular activities and comforts at home, with supervision
  • They can still bond with pets and family members
  • Similar costs with nursing or care homes